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Tacpac is a sensory communication resource using touch and music to help communication and social skills

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What is Tacpac?

Tacpac is a sensory communication resource that combines touch and music by using everyday objects with specifically composed music to reflect the texture of the objects.

How do I get Tacpac ?

1) Purchase your subscription

Go to our shop


To get Tacpac, purchase the Set of your choice from here at the website.

2) Videos and Resources

Our online resources


Once activated, you will have access to your Set’s videos, guidance and other downloadable resources such as our Record Keeping form.


3) The Tacpac Music


To use our specially created music, download the Tacpac music app to your chosen device (i.e. iphone, Android or iPad).  Using your web login details, activate the app and everything is ready to go. This gives you access to the music relevant to the Set(s) you have ordered, ensuring you can use the music on or offline, on any device for the entire duration of your subscription.


Forthcoming Training

For those who wish to develop their skills in delivering a sensory communication resource, by purchasing a set, you will also have access to booking our Tacpac Training in Sensory Alignment training.

Future Essentials Training Day One:

2 May: Dublin

3 May: Belfast

5 May: Glasgow

17 May: Manchester

30 June: Winchester

Future Advanced Training Day Two:

10 May: London

18 May: Newcastle

5 July: Birmingham

6 July: Manchester

25 October: Glasgow



For more info and to reserve a place, please see our training page by clicking here

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