Tacpac comes to Sydney Australia

Tacpac is coming to New South Wales in March 2019

We often forget that our first language is Sensory. Yet we speak to our pupils in Speech. Tacpac is all about Sensory Communication. Tacpac slows everything down so that they can understand in a Sensory way.
We are delighted to tell you that we are once again coming to New South Wales in March 2019 to do Tacpac Training in Sensory Alignment.

For those who have recently started using Tacpac, this is a unique offer for you to experience the Essentials Training, being held at Bankstown Public School on 19th March 2019.

For those who we have met in trainings before, we’d love to see you again with our Advanced Training Day, being held at Bankstown School on 20th March 2019.

The trainings are both tremendously rewarding and fun as you meet fellow Tacpackers all with their own stories and experiences to share.

Additional trainings can also take place at your place of work, or you could offer a venue for your staff and others in the vicinity.  Training spaces are limited and will be answered on a first come first served basis so please get your requests in soon to avoid disappointment.

Essentials Training Day

Course Content

  • Our sensory system and the role of touch
  • Understanding the importance of the basic beat
  • experiencing the touch and music in an activity, using objects
  • use of thematic material
  • how the limbic system affects our senses
  • The central role of music in Tacpac
  • Sensory communication
  • Sensory overload

Cost per person $300

After the day you will be able to:

  • Understand the theory behind Tacpac
  • Learn to internalise and effectively deliver the Tacpac activities
  • Experience ‘sensory overload’ for yourself
  • Heighten awareness of your own senses (we have more than 5)
  • Discover how to work effectively with touch
  • Build skills in multi-sensory interaction (touch–sight–movement–sound)
  • Synchronise your sense of touch with your sense of music
  • Meet other professionals in the field, parents, and carers
  • Receive a Tacpac Certificate in Sensory Alignment.

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Advanced Training

Our Advanced Training Day training is for Tacpackers who have done the the Essential Training, and are using Tacpac in their daily work.

The Advanced Training both improves and boosts your delivery skills. Together we consider the effectiveness of the sensory experience of Tacpac by focussing on the sensory stimuli, processes and responses within the brain.

Cost per person $200

Course Content

  • Using video’s to improve our practice

  • Understand how music affects us

  • The development of the brain and the role of sensory experience

  • The role of the key worker and the impact of attachment

  • The place of sensory stories in our communication

The aims of the day are:

  • To develop your understanding of your own sensory responses

  • To develop your powers of observation to enable more effective communication

  • Understand the components of music at a deeper level, enabling you to guide your touch more intuitively

  • Understand the development of the brain and the role of sensory experience

  • Be familiar with the use of Tacpac objects

  • Build confidence for thematic work and Tacpac

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We will contact you with all the information you need if you select this option
Tacpac in Sydney, Australia