How Tacpac benefits receivers over time

Some time ago we published a post about Rexhina, a physiotherapist working in Albania.  She told us all about how Tacpac tutorials had helped her and the children she works with at the Tek Ura centre. You can read about Rexhina’s Tacpac tutorials here. Now Rexhina and her colleagues have started using Tacpac regularly and are seeing how Tacpac benefits the children that they work with over a length of time.

Rexhina says:

Last week we had our first session of Tacpac Set 2. It was a fun and enjoyable experience for the children and their Mums too. Having used Tacpac for a few months, some changes were evident: the children have got used to the objects and the Mums have started to communicate more with their children. For example, every time we start Tacpac, Rajden knows that the first activity is blowing, so he blows to his Mum too. Also, he now wants his physiotherapy sessions to include music!  I have been observing that the rhythmic patterns of Tacpac help Rajden to relax, so I use them even in physiotherapy so that I can do some stretching.

Valbona’s mum states that every time she tells Valbona they are having therapy she is so excited and laughs a lot. Mendi now is more aware of other objects in the room and she doesn’t cry anymore during therapy like she used to do in the beginning.  I always compare the changes in their behaviours during physiotherapy, so I am very pleased indeed to see how Tacpac benefits them.  They have achieved so much!

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