Gain CPD points for Tacpac training

We are proud to announce that the Tacpac Training has now been accredited with Continual Professional Development (CPD) Status.

You can now gain CPD points which will count towards your diploma or degree when you do a Tacpac training.

Continuing professional development is important because it ensures you continue to be competent in your profession. In this case, in how you deliver and understand the use of Tacpac as a sensory communication resource. To find out more about how Tacpac training develops your skills professionally, contact our training manager here.

About CPD

CPD  is an ongoing process and continues throughout a professional’s career. CPD helps people retain a consistent set of high quality, relevant skills and knowledge throughout their professional life. The best part is that CPD puts learners in a favourable position to demonstrate new knowledge, work to impressive standards, and so to progress in their career.

CPD helps to:

  • Refine your personal skills and intellect and helps to plug any knowledge gaps.
  • Keep academic and practical qualifications up to date – keeping skills relevant is integral in today’s fast-moving world, where rapid progression can quickly lead to previous learning becoming obsolete.
  • Open pathways to career progression or potential redirection, including achieving higher salaries and better job security.
  • Enhance your ability to regularly learn and improve – you’ll learn quicker as you become acquainted with the process and will become a better independent learner.
  • Demonstrate ambitiousness, aptitude, and a dedication to self-improvement to current and prospective employers and clients. Provides valuable examples and scenarios for showcasing professional achievements and growth in CVs, cover letters, and interviews.
  • Reduce feelings of uncertainty or worries about change – CPD gives you a plan for future aspirations and the ability to readily adapt.
  • Promote independence – self-directed CPD requires you to consciously engage in learning activities and follow your own plan, while some structured CPD activities can benefit from you engaging in further research and study.

Continuous professional development can also be an excellent self-motivation tool as it reminds you of your achievements and progression. Plus, the flexibility and diversity gives you an opportunity to find a learning approach that fits you best.

Contact us to find out more.