Tacpac and the Loyne Specialist School

Loyne School

The Loyne Specialist School is proud to have used Tacpac for many years and this teaching resource has quite simply stood the test of time. These sensory activities with related music cues are appropriate across the age range of this school (2-19) and staff creatively use these resources with pupils who are working at an early skills level. Through the delivery of these structured tactile experiences pupils being to attend, anticipate and participate in a range of graded activities.


Early Days

In the early days (some long serving staff suggest it is over 20 years!) we used Tacpac 1-3 on audio cassettes, When we tried to replace the closely guarded tapes we were horrified to find they were no longer available. Imagine our delight nearly 6 years ago when we found Hilary was about to re-launch (this time on CD) Tacpac 1-3 and was in the process of developing Tacpac.



Tacpac Today

At this school we store Tacpac in a central unit with six large storage boxes, one for each Tacpac. Each box contains appropriate instruction sheets with the CD plus several drawstring bags with all the equipment required. We have also developed an effective system to record individual pupil responses to stimuli.
There are very few educational resources that this school still uses from 20+ years ago that are still relevant, motivating and appropriate for this group of youngsters. Tacpac continues to offer something unique and very special.

About Tacpac

Tacpac is a sensory communication resource designed to help communication, social skills, sensory and emotional development for those who have sensory impairment.

Tacpac for teachers