Frequently Asked Questions

Tackpackers are curious people, and curious people ask questions! We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions. This is by no means comprehensive so please keep asking and we will endeavour to keep answering. A good question always deserves a good answer.

My password hasn’t arrived2018-12-13T10:42:27+00:00

Make sure you check your junk mail folder and also add Tacpac to your list of ‘safe’ contacts on your email account. If you still can’t find your password email, please get in touch with office@tacpac.co.uk for a new password. Please note, only the account holder can request a new password.

I can’t log in to my account, what’s gone wrong?2018-12-13T10:41:42+00:00

There could be a number of different problems causing this. Please send your details, including whether you are trying to log in on the app or the website, what device you are using, what the error message is and whether this problem has ever happened before to office@tacpac.co.uk

Can I pay by card over the phone?2019-12-11T13:46:04+00:00

Unfortunately we do not take payment over the phone. There are three methods of payment – paypal, cheque or bank transfer. You choose the one you want at the checkout on the website. If you choose cheque or bank transfer, you’ll get an invoice by email and you’ll be able to log in and access your Tacpac sets after we receive your payment. Please remember to quote your invoice number or order number on all payments so that we can match it up with your order quickly.

Can I use Tacpac without the internet?2018-12-13T10:39:10+00:00

Yes, you just need to download the app onto a phone or tablet and log in, once only, to play all of the Tacpac music tracks without an internet connection.

Is it a physical product which comes in the post?2018-12-13T10:38:16+00:00

Tacpac is an electronic product which means that you don’t get anything in the post. Once we’ve received your payment, you’ll get a password by email so that you can log in on the website and on the app to access your Tacpac sets.

Can I download the music?2018-12-13T10:37:01+00:00

You can download the Tacpac app to a phone or tablet and this enables you to play the music without an internet connection. The individual tracks can’t be downloaded.

How many devices can I log in on?2018-12-13T10:45:47+00:00

You can put the app onto a maximum of three phones or tablets and use the same login details to get in. You can also log in to the website on an unlimited number of computers.

Can we get the goods and then send payment?2018-12-13T10:45:06+00:00

No. Since Tacpac is not a physical product, we require payment before giving you access to your sets.

How do I set up an account to purchase Tacpac music?2018-12-13T10:43:29+00:00

Go to the shop page and add the sets you want to your basket. Then go through to the checkout page. Here you will need to enter your information. Please remember to use a working email address as we will need this to send you your password and any other information which is essential to your account.

Can I order using a purchase order and get an invoice for payment?2018-12-13T10:32:55+00:00

Yes, you can add your purchase order number to the form on the checkout page and when you opt to pay by cheque or bank transfer you’ll get an invoice emailed to you with the purchase order number on it. This is for your records only as we don’t use the PO number ourselves.

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