Getting ready to use TACPAC

Before you start using TACPAC, you need to get a few things ready. Here is a short guide to help you.

Your Tacpac sessions always follow a one to one routine. We use a key worker approach, and whether you are having a group session or a one on one session, you’ll always try to have the same partners – one a giver and one a receiver.

Setting up your room

Before each session, always put your Do Not Disturb on the door. Remember we are being single focused in delivering one sensory message, which should not be distracted by others coming and going during the session.

If you’re in a school hall, use the mats to define the personal space you and your partner will be spending the next half hour.

If your receiver can be made comfortable on the floor, this will give you maximum access to their body, and increase your ability for body patterning. If your receiver is in a chair, try to keep to the same part of the room, so that familiarity creates the comfortable space we’re looking for.
Make sure you have your receiver’s objects nearby. You’ll need to personalise those objects, and keep them in a bag or a box with that receiver’s name on it. After the session, please clean, or put into the wash, anything that can be wiped or washed and follow the cleanliness code.

Specially Composed Music

Make sure you have your device with the music plugged into speakers, and please check the volume of the sound. There is really no need for high volume, your receivers are listening very carefully. You may want a high volume, but this may be for YOU, not your receivers, so do check what is a good volume for your receivers. A school hall will be much more resonant than a small room.

Please be aware: Never use Tacpac in a sensory room which has associations of many distractions. Remember that any moment in a Tacpac session should give one message: What they see, is what they feel, is what they hear.

Smooth Ball

TACPAC Objects

Most most objects will already be in your kitchen or bathroom. Some you’ll need to create, like the water bottle (add beads, glitter, colour) & marbles (put them in a sock and tie tight). Some you’ll need to buy like the little mop or the smooth ball.

Most of the objects will be in your kitchen or bathroom. The objects are chosen for their texture and the texture of the object matches the texture of the music.

Record Keeping

If possible have your record sheets nearby so that you can jot down any changes in behaviour, or other observations you noticed. Link with the others in the team, like the physiotherapist or the speech therapist to communicate your observations on that day, and try to work with them on outcomes and targets for your receiver. You’ll be able to plan these in your outcomes support plan.

Whatever curriculum assessment resource you’re using, be it Quest, Pre Formal, b Squared, Asdan – whichever one you are using, you can use Tacpac as a strategy for your outcomes.

Specially, Composed Music

The objects are chosen for their texture and the texture of the object matches the texture of the originally composed music.

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