Tacpac at the Special Education Principals Leadership Association (SEPLA)

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Tacpac at the Special Education Principals Leadership Association (SEPLA)

Tacpac at SEPLATacpac's Hilary speaking at SEPLA

We’d like to say a big hello to all our New South Wales Tacpackers in Australia! Hilary will be presenting Tacpac to the Special Education Principals Leadership Association (SEPLA) on Friday 23rd March. Tacpac will be reaching a wide audience, right across the state. There will be about 80 headteachers there and the presentation will be streamed to all those unable to attend the conference.

Tacpac in New South Wales

A number of schools in New South Wales have already had training in Tacpac. That training has now been expanded and developed into the day 1 Essentials training  and the day 2 advanced training. Together, these cover everything from the limbic system to using Tacpac most effectively – with hands on practice.

We would love to re-connect with all of our Tacpackers in New South Wales. You can contact us here or follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with the latest news. We would love to hear how you’re getting on with your Tacpac sessions.

We are hoping to return to New South Wales next year and deliver more essentials trainings and advanced trainings in different schools. If you would like to keep your Tacpac skills sharp in the mean time, you can book a Tacpac tutorial with Hilary or Susie via Skype or Facetime.


SEPLA provides support and professional growth to the headteachers of special education schools in New South Wales. It also aims to keep disability issues visible so that they are included in the development of education policies for the state.

The organisation started during the 1990s when those involved in special education felt that they needed a voice as there was a lot of change happening in the education system in Australia at that time.

More information

For more information on Tacpac subscriptions, have a look at the shop page here

You can also find out more about Tacpac training here.

Stay tuned to see all of the news from Hilary’s tour of New Zealand and Australia and to see the latest from her presentation at SEPLA on Friday 23rd March.

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