Disability Access Fund and Tacpac Training

//Disability Access Fund and Tacpac Training

Disability Access Fund and Tacpac Training

Good news for funding your Tacpac Training and sets!

Tacpac is offering £80 off Trainings and Sets when you use your Disability Access Funding.

There is government funding which professionals can use to attend a Tacpac training  and for purchasing Tacpac sets! Read on…..

What is the DAF funding?

The Disability Access Fund (DAF) was introduced in April 2017 to support early years providers making initial reasonable adjustments for their children with SEN, and to build the capacity in their setting to support children with additional needs. This amounts to a total of £615 given to those children who need additional support.

Pre schools, nurseries, private and voluntary, can receive DAF funding for children who fulfil these criteria:

  • Child needs to be in receipt of Disability Living Allowance (DLA)
  • Child receives universal or extended free early education and childcare entitlement- you do not need to use all of your hours to be eligible
  • Child must NOT be in a reception class.

Who can claim this benefit?

The early years provider (ie the setting; pre school, nursery etc) will claim and receive the funding. Any resources bought will remain the property of the provider. Parents should speak to their child’s key worker, or the manager of the setting.

However, if the child is moving to another provider, a transfer of the resources is possible, if it helps the child to access the new provision.

Resources can also be used by the parent at home if it is felt that this will benefit the child.

Who is eligible for DAF funding?

The Child’s early years provider could get £615 per year which could include access to all the Tacpac sets, and training for the staff, key workers etc and the Team Around the Child.  Early years professionals can apply to get Disability Access Funding if the child is aged 3 or 4,  receiving both:

  • 15 hours free childcare – you do not need to use all your hours to be eligible
  • Disability Living Allowance if child is in pre school or nursery, not in reception.

How to apply?

To apply for Disability Access Funding speak to your childcare provider or local council.

How is the money paid?

Funding is paid at the fixed annual rate of £615 per eligible child, as a lump sum. Funds are paid directly to the Early Years’ provider’s bank account.

It is up to the childcare provider to decide how they spend the DAF. Providers cannot use the funding to pay for more hours for someone to give additional support to the child. It needs to be used for equipment, resources or training which will benefit the child.

What is Tacpac’s DAF offer?

We’re offering a Training and Set package, with a saving of £80, for any Early Years Setting wanting to use their DAF funding, totalling £615,  to benefit staff working with children who have sensory processing disorder.

Tacpac’s DAF offer  – £615 (Saving £80) includes:

2 people attending Tacpac Essentials Training – location of your choice

2 people attending Tacpac Advanced Training – location of your choice

1 x pair Tacpac sets of your choice.

You can take up this offer by visiting our shop page here

For more information on DAF funding visit the government website and to apply speak to your childcare provider and your local council.

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