Who is the man announcing all the Tacpac Sets?

Tacpac – set 1 , number 1……..

Tacpac announcer LeoIt came to our notice that we had not introduced our wonderful announcer to our Tacpac community. Leo Rutherford, a long time fan (no pun intended) and true supporter of Tacpac, had the task of announcing the 36 activities in such a way as to make each one individual, exciting and interesting. Many hours practise went into the correct way to announce each set, until it was judged to have just the right level of enthusiasm. Thank you Leo – your voice is heard all over the world, in schools, homes, day centres,  nurseries, and even appeared on the BBC some time ago.

In real life, Leo is a well known psychotherapist and workshop leader. He is wise, funny, and a good teacher. He has guided Tacpac through many a foggy field into the light. He looks a bit like Father Christmas. One summer, he was filling up his car with petrol, and a little boy tiptoed up to him, wide eyed, and whispered “Are you Father Christmas?” To which Leo replied also in a whisper” Yes, but don’t tell anyone, I’m on my summer holidays”

The little boy nodded in understanding, took 2 steps backwards, then ran quickly to his mum and shouted in a loud voice, pointing to Leo, ” Mum! There’s Father Christmas and he’s on his summer holidays!” He got the attention of the whole petrol station forecourt!

One of Leo’s more profound sayings is: If you don’t have a sense of humour, it just isn’t funny!

Which is a great way to go about Tacpac.

You can find out more about Leo through his own website: http://eagleswing.co.uk/