It’s official: Christmas is coming! But don’t panic, because TACPAC is here to make everyone’s Christmas wishes come true. At a TACPAC Christmas, no one is left out: everyone can feel included with a TACPAC Christmas Sensory Story.

What is a Sensory Story?

We know that our TACPAC receivers may struggle with traditional storytelling, and can feel excluded and overwhelmed by stories communicated solely through words read to them on a flat page.

That’s where Sensory Stories come in. Sensory Stories are delivered via a clear, simple narrative, illustrated with accompanying sensory experiences. The words and the sensations have equal importance when it comes to telling the story, and work together so that everyone can understand and enjoy the tale, no matter how they communicate.

Why are Sensory Stories Great for TACPAC Sessions?

Sensory Stories are delivered in a language TACPAC receivers understand – sensory language – at a pace that is right for them. This means that they are more likely to engage with what they are hearing and experiencing, allowing them to interact with different ideas, and with the world around them, in a safe and meaningful way.

Joanna Grace, Sensory Engagement and Inclusion Specialist and founder of The Sensory Projects, believes that telling a story through shared sensory experiences “can allow individuals with PMLD to participate in the world and provide a way for them to be ‘heard’”. Sensory Stories can be enjoyed at any level of communication. Staff & parents love them as well!

TACPAC’s Christmas Gift

This Christmas TACPAC are giving you the gift of inclusion with a fantastic Sensory Story to accompany TACPAC Set 5 

From 1st December 2022, until 31st December 2022 we’re offering 20% off TACPAC Set 5, and including a great Christmas-themed sensory story to go with it.

The TACPAC Christmas Sensory Story works beautifully with all the activities and objects in Set 5, sprinkling some Christmas magic over your usual TACPAC session. Each section of the TACPAC Sensory Story will be seen, felt and heard in the same way you’d normally deliver TACPAC Set 5, but this time it will be incorporated into a story featuring typical Christmas activities. As always with TACPAC, the texture of the objects will match the texture of the music; but this time they will be framed by a storyline that matches them both, delivering one message to your receivers.

You can deliver the TACPAC Christmas Sensory Story as a one-to-one experience with your receiver, or you can get the whole class involved in a Sensory-Story assembly. Maybe they could even share it with the rest of the school! After all, Sensory Stories are all about inclusion.

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Share your story

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Thank you to you all for your continued support and wishing you a peaceful and happy Christmas.