Tacpac with adults who have learning difficulties at Certitude

We’d like to show you how Certitude in London,  a fantastic organisation helping adults with learning difficulties, use Tacpac in their communication programme.

Jeremy’s story

Jeremy who works with adults with learning difficulties

Jeremy works at a Certitude day centre. He helps adults with multiple physical disabilities, complex needs and autism. Jeremy started using Tacpac over a year ago after doing two days of training and he says:

“Tacpac is invaluable for exploring new activities for the people we support. One day after doing Tacpac with a gentleman who I’ve known for many years, I asked ‘How was that for you?’ and I showed him a thumbs up. I’d never know him do this before in all the years of working with him, but he gave me a thumbs up!”

Results with adults at Certitude

Certitude have found that staff’s relationships with their adult autistic clients have greatly improved since using Tacpac. Staff report that they too understand the sensory process of communication much better. Closer bonds have been built, clients who previously had not been “known” or “seen” by others now feel much more validated. When the Tacpac music begins, others not involved in the session will approach the session to be involved.

To find out how Tacpac can benefit your organisation, staff and the adults you work with, contact us here.

Tacpac would like to thank Certitude London – keep up the good work!

Certitude London