Tacpac Essential Training Day at Sanctuary Supported Living in Canterbury

On 14th February 2020

Tacpac’s Sensory Communication Training using Touch and Music

Book your place on Tacpac’s one-day Essential Training, enabling you to understand the process of sensory alignment. You will enable people of any age who have sensory impairment, developmental delay, complex learning difficulties, tactile defensiveness, and limited or pre-verbal levels of communication, to learn this successful sensory method of communication.

Hilary Wainer, Tacpac creator, will deliver the training at Sanctuary Supported Living, 26a The Oaks, Sussex Avenue, Canterbury, Kent CT1 1RT on Friday 14th February.

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What is Tacpac?

Tacpac is a Sensory Touch and Music resource, created by special needs teacher and music therapist, Hilary Wainer.  Tacpac develops sensory communication in people with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties (PMLD) and Dementia.

Tacpac draws together touch and music to create a structured half hour of sensory communication between two sensory partners, the giver and receiver.

A Tacpac set is made up of 6 tactile activities, accompanied by specifically composed music to reflect the texture of the object being used in these activities. You can download the music for each activity in the set, which then is accessed through our Tacpac app on any device. You can also download the instruction sheet, as well as view a video of how each activity is to be done. There is clear guidance on how to use the set, and access to videos for online support. There are six sets to choose from, and each set is progressive within itself.

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How does Tacpac help people with Sensory Processing Disorder?

When a child or adult has Sensory Processing Disorder, the world can seem chaotic to them. Tacpac makes sense of this by providing Sensory Alignment through Touch and Sound. Tacpac can be used in different settings at all different stages of life. A Tacpac set can be used to support someone at home, at school, in residential care or in hospital.

Tacpac uses the unique combination of specially composed music and touch, to relax the receiver and facilitate communication, interaction and participation with the giver. Working in time with music, touch is administered using a set of common household objects to provide a sensory experience in a calm setting, free from other sensory distractions. We also have a set that just uses hands, called Handypac!

The benefits of Tacpac can be seen in the receivers increased awareness of:

  • Their partner
  • Their growing sensory vocabulary
  • Their confidence
  • Their enjoyment
  • Their creative interactions
  • Their requests for more

To ensure optimal results from the use of Tacpac we encourage givers to attend training sessions where you will learn the theory and practise of Tacpac during a fun, and interactive day.

Join us for Tacpac training in Canterbury, Kent

Hilary Wainer, Tacpac creator is coming to Sanctuary Supported Living, 26a The Oaks, Sussex Avenue, Canterbury, Kent. CT1 1RT on Friday 14th February to offer Essential Training in the use of Tacpac sets.

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Sanctuary Supported Living in Canterbury work closely with residents, families, carers and health professionals to delivery quality support and housing to help people on the path to independence.

The nearest train station is Canterbury East (South Eastern Railways) within either a 7-minute taxi ride, or 19-minute bus journey. If you are driving, the nearest car park is Longport Car Park, a 4-minute taxi ride away. There is a small amount of parking on site and a Londis shop opposite.

The Essential Training focuses on how we, as givers, can use our own sense of music and touch to share ideas and contact with our receivers. Throughout the day we focus on how we use our own senses to communicate, and how we can connect non-verbally to those receivers we are communicating with. We strongly utilise the connecting pathways between music and touch, learn about how the brain processes these messages, how to deliver the music input, and how to align the touch with this.

Essential training course content:

  • Our sensory system and the role of touch
  • Understanding the importance of the basic beat
  • Experiencing the touch and music in an activity, using objects
  • Use of thematic material
  • How the limbic system affects our senses
  • The central role of music in Tacpac
  • Sensory communication
  • Sensory overload.

After the day you will be able to:

  • Understand the theory behind Tacpac
  • Learn to internalise and effectively deliver the Tacpac activities
  • Experience ‘sensory overload’ for yourself
  • Heighten awareness of your own senses (we have more than 5)
  • Discover how to work effectively with touch
  • Build skills in multi-sensory interaction (touch, sight, movement & sound)
  • Synchronise your sense of touch with your sense of music
  • Meet other professionals in the field, parents, and carers
  • Receive a Tacpac CPD Certificate in Sensory Alignment
  • Qualify for a concession code for Advanced Tacpac training.

Book your place on Tacpac Essential Training in Kent

You can book your place at Sanctuary Supported Living by simply emailing us at office@tacpac.co.uk. There are no complicated forms to fill in, just tell us who is coming and where you work, and we will reply as soon as possible to confirm your booking. It may be helpful if you could tell us whether you have used Tacpac before. Please ensure you also include your contact telephone number.

If you have any queries before booking, feel free to call one of our friendly advisors on 01865 772213. We look forward to hearing from you soon.