TACPAC Objects

Tacpac Objects – Where to find them

In this series you can learn all about the Tacpac objects – where you can find them and how to use them.  Tacpac objects are all every day items, some of which you may already have in your home, school or place of work.  Each object is combined with a specific movement or touch that relates to the music for that activity, so it is important to get this right and keep it consistent. To get the best alignment from the music and your object for your receiver, look at the videos on the website associated with your set. (These can be found next to each activity on the subscription page for your Tacpac set).

The scarf from Tacpac Set 5

Tacpac objects: scarf for Set 5

The scarf for Tacpac Set 5 is one of the easiest Tacpac objects to find – everyone has a scarf or three – but do you know which type of scarf to use or how to use it?  If you use a scarf which can be unfolded into quite a wide area, which can go around the body, that’s the best sort. Thin nylon scarves are not as good.

We recommend using more than one scarf for this activity – especially if you are working with adults.  That way, you can place a scarf under each area of your receiver’s body: under their legs, under their back and under their arms. This means that you can swap from one scarf to another throughout the activity and don’t have to continually move the scarf, which can be disruptive.

The movement for this Tacpac object is a lift and squeeze. Remember to stick with the beat of the music and keep your body patterning consistent. If you start with the legs and move up to the body, then don’t vary it – make sure you always start and finish in the same place so that your receiver knows what’s going to happen.

More information on Tacpac objects or sets

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