Tacpac Travels to Canada!


Edmonton Regional Learning Consortium

This November, we are holding 5 trainings in Alberta, Canada.

We are being hosted by the Edmonton Regional Learning Consortium https://www.erlc.ca/ to run training across the province of Alberta.

Our training dates

21st November in Edmonton
22nd November in Grande Prairie
23rd November in Calgary
24th November in Calgary
25th November in Lethbridge

We are looking forward to meeting fellow Tackpackers in Canada, and finding out more about how their teachers, therapists and care workers integrate Tacpac into the lives of those in their care. We’d like to thank the programme organisers of Edmonton Regional Learning Consortium for inviting us, and for the work which has gone into arranging this Tacpac Training Tour.

If you would like us to come to your country, county or City, we can arrange that too!