Many of you will know that our wonderful colleague and trainer, Susie Fuller, died unexpectedly in September of this year 2020. In honour of her dedication to Tacpac, we have created the Susie Fuller Annual Tacpac Award, for recognition of anyone who has shown outstanding commitment to embedding Tacpac in their home or workplace, showing the benefits of this work in the progress and development with their children, young people, older people and families.

Nominations for this award start in January and end in November each year. The winners are announced in December. There is a prize that goes with this Award and this depends on the need of the winner.

We are delighted to announce that this year’s winner goes to Tek Ura, a small community in Kafja e Rremes, Tirana, Albania.  Anastasia Dupree  and Rexhina (Xhina) Uzini have worked tirelessly for 3 years, overcoming cultural, financial and practical obstacles to deliver Tacpac to the families who were able to attend their Tacpac group sessions. Xhina contacted us 3 years ago, and we set up a series of Tacpac Tutorials. Through these live sessions which included myself on Skype, the children, staff and parents, we started working with set 1, learning from each other how to best impart information, and understand the initial limitations and hesitations. This was all done with me speaking English, and Xhina and Annie translating the parents. We slowly built up trust with the parents, confidence with the staff and momentum through the obvious results we were witnessing. For 3 years Annie and Xhina held regular sessions in their little therapy room, and during Covid conditions, took the children out onto the football pitch, with mats, and continued work outside, being socially distanced. They have now completed all 6 sets, and were so thrilled with the change in relationships between mother and child, and bonds and friendships between the children. They had a little graduation ceremony to celebrate going through all 6 sets in 3 years.  In spite of the difficulties, they have achieved wonderful things.

As part of the award, we have pledged free ongoing support to the families, and ongoing support to Tek Ura for their next project, which is to introduce Tacpac and Sensory Stories. For anyone in the future winning this award, their prize will be according to their own needs, and everyone’s needs will be different.

See the famous Tek Ura group  for yourself in the video they have sent to us, and read the very interesting article which Xhina has written for us. These are available on Facebook and on the News section of our website.

I think you will agree that they are very deserving of our first Susie Fuller Annual Tacpac Award for 2020. Please do contact Xhina and Annie to send your own congratulations!

Remember that from January onwards, if you, or anyone you know, are doing outstanding work with Tacpac, please nominate them  – all year round right up until November. Ask for help if you need it, we are here to help.

Once again, congratulations to Tek Ura, and to Annie and Xhina. And now, Tacpackers, enjoy this video!

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