25 Sets in Lockdown


25 licences during lockdown (12 weeks but will be extended if need be)

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We hope you are keeping well during these difficult times. We here at Tacpac HQ are well aware of how much you all might be missing your regular Tacpac sessions now that we are having to stay at home. We have been asked by several schools to continue to support parents during lockdown with access to our Sets. With this in mind we would like to offer schools 25 Set 1’s for 3 months for £375 (£15 each – that’s a reduction of £40 per set).

How it works

•    The school purchases the 25 licences to set 1
•    We send you a voucher code for up to 25 licences to set 1
•    We send you instructions you can forward to all your parents who wish to use Tacpac during lockdown. (minimum 3 months – until the of March)


You need to take your time over your first encounter with your receiver and Tacpac. We recommend you take about 6 months to allow for good, proactive communications to be created.

At first you will need to establish a sensory vocabulary, in a safe and consistent space, with the same partners. As you learn, so will your partner learn, and the fun of learning a shared Sensory Vocabulary cannot be overestimated. Your first session may be chaotic, but things will settle. Remember: Predictability and repetition makes for relaxed communication.

For TACPAC and Covid advice please view our blog here.

Good luck and enjoy your set!

Your online resources

This set contains

  • 6 videos taking you through each activity
  • Streamed music that has been specifically composed for each activity
  • TACPAC Activity Sheet
  • Record Keeping Guide and Template.
  • Access to the Tacpac Community Forum for all things Tacpac

By downloading our Tacpac APP, you can enjoy offline versions of the composed music for each activity, simply download and login to your account (which you create on purchase of the Set (s))


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