Set 3 & 4


Two sets with twelve activities, each with its own video and streamed music, Activity Sheet and Record Keeping Guide, access to the TACPAC forum and all your music via our app.




Set 3

Whether you’re starting out your Tacpac journey with this pair, or continuing the journey from set 2, Set 3 will give you various sensory ways of combining music and touch in equal measure. This set has 2 deep pressure activities: Marbles and massaging with knuckles, palms and fingertips. The combination of light and deep pressure will give an overall experience of good sensory feedback.

Be sure to watch the video carefully when you are using the marbles. When you roll the marbles deep into the muscles, you give a message of safety and confidence. By contrast, the chain is a light pressure, as is the chamoix, silk, and pastry brush touches. These give the feeling of alertness with a bit of the unexpected. This is excellent to help the receiver prepare for change, and , once familiar with repetition and reliable expectation, they can relax into it.

Set 4

The first activity in set 4 is a two tone activity, and if your receiver loves music, they will find this one particularly appealing. The first part of the music is quick and sharp, using a little textured pet ball which has a quick and sharp tactile feel to it. It then goes on to the second part of the music, which is smooth, slow and deep. The receiver loves the contrast of the touch and the music, when they get familiar with it. This is a very popular choice.

The track with bubbles is also exciting in a different way. All our receivers love bubbles, and these bubbles come along with giggles. They never fail to raise a smile, a laugh, and everyone enjoys it. The slow pace helps with eye tracking as the bubbles sail near and far. The receiver is also encouraged to catch them, adding to the fun and laughter. This set is a set where the sensory vocabulary of fun is in evidence. Here is a chance for you to use and share your sense of humour. Have fun!

Why do the sets now come in pairs?

Our Tacpac Community have suggested buying sets in pairs, to ease the process of obtaining the next set with no time wasted, once you’ve gone through 6 months of one set.


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