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This is a good continuation from set 3, or could be used as a stand alone set.

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This is a good continuation from set 3, or could be used as a stand alone set.

The first activity in set 4 is a two tone activity, and if your receiver loves music, they will find this one particularly appealing. The first part of the music is quick and sharp, using a little textured pet ball which has a quick and sharp tactile feel to it. It then goes on to the second part of the music, which is smooth, slow and deep. The receiver loves the contrast of the touch and the music, when they get familiar with it. This is a very popular choice.

The track with bubbles is also exciting in a different way. All our receivers love bubbles, and these bubbles come along with giggles. They never fail to raise a smile, a laugh, and everyone enjoys it. The slow pace helps with eye tracking as the bubbles sail near and far. The receiver is also encouraged to catch them, adding to the fun and laughter. This set is a set where the sensory vocabulary of fun is in evidence. Here is a chance for you to use and share your sense of humour. Have fun!

This set contains

·       6 videos taking you through each activity

·       streamed music that has been specifically composed for each activity

·       TACPAC Activity Sheet

·       Record Keeping Guide and Template.

We recommend you stay with Set 4 for 4 – 5 months. By this time you could be observing better sensory communications from your receiver, and you will be better at delivering a sensory communication resource. If this is the fourth set you are using with your receiver, you might take a shorter time if your receiver has more sensory vocabulary to use with you. If this is being used as a stand alone set before embarking on others, use your Record Sheets to guide your observations about your own and your receiver’s communications.

Buying in Pairs

We also now offer sets in pairs to ease the process of obtaining the next set with no time wasted, once you’ve gone through 6 months of one set. A pair of sets include a 20% discount voucher for any training day, valid for 12 months after purchase, a valuable addition to your Tacpac development.

Set 3 & 4

Your online resources

This set contains

  • 6 videos taking you through each activity
  • Streamed music that has been specifically composed for each activity
  • TACPAC Activity Sheet
  • Record Keeping Guide and Template.
  • Access to the Tacpac Community Forum for all things Tacpac

By downloading our Tacpac APP, you can enjoy offline versions of the composed music for each activity, simply download and login to your account (which you create on purchase of the Set (s))


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