Set 5 & 6


Two sets with twelve activities, each with its own video and streamed music, Activity Sheet and Record Keeping Guide, access to the TACPAC forum and all your music via our app.



Set 5

This set has two sensory stories attached to it. One for summer and one for winter. If you’ve been on the Essential training, you may have been through either one of these stories, and seen them in action. You are welcome to create another sensory story using the sequence of any set. Do not alter the sequence. Remember predictability and reliable anticipation is key to all Tacpac work. There are some deep pressure activities: pressing with paper and lifting with scarves. Use more than one scarf to ensure smooth tactile work. Remember your body patterning must be on the beat, and the same each time. Use the scarf to squeeze tight! Try it yourself, you’ll see how reassuring that feels.

The lighter touches are provided by the puffing air from squeezy bottles, and from pompoms. ( Avoid the face when dropping your pompom). The music for pompom is designed to remind us of the fairground hurdy-gurdy, with fun sounds and a party spirit. Your story can take any plot line, providing the sequence is the same as it is with no words or music. Keep it predictable and repeatable

Set 6

This one is called Handypac.

Our teachers and parents asked us to create a set that could be set out quickly, if they knew there was an anxious moment in the receiver’s day. E.g. before a meal, before the buses come to take them home, before a certain event….if the key people know this is a difficult time, then set 6 can be set up in a moment. There are no objects, just the music and the sequence to settle the receiver. You can open your device, plug in your speaker, and you’re off. Often that’s all that’s needed to start to regulate the receiver, who might know the set well. The first track is quick, to match a lively mood, and by the fourth track, the receiver is encouraged to feel a square or circle being drawn on them. As our receivers love shapes and sizes, this activity can often focus their minds on the familiar once more, so that when the massage activity comes along, they are ready for it, and the adrenalin and cortisol which was present before, can subside. You can use set 6 in the minibus, in the park, in fact anywhere you have hands and a speaker. That’s why its called Handypac!

Why do the sets now come in pairs?

Our Tacpac Community have suggested buying sets in pairs, to ease the process of obtaining the next set with no time wasted, once you’ve gone through 6 months of one set.


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