TACPAC for Parents

 Mothers and Fathers, siblings and friends, can enjoy a structured half hour, where communication is fun and relaxing.

Family Activity

Tacpac can be a family activity, shared by siblings and parents. It is a communication resource using touch and music, easily used by you and your child or children.

All you need is the music, your instruction sheet, and a time which is not interrupted by the phone, or visitors knocking on the door.

Consistency is the key

Tacpac for parentsThrough consistently having the same time, place and partners, you and your child will learn how each other’s sensory languages communicate with each other.

If your child is resistant at first, go slowly and sensitively. There is no reason to rush or to “achieve” in the first few sessions, only to observe and learn. Soon your child may begin to show you what is nice, or not so nice. He/she could be asking for “more” or “there” in many different ways. You know your child best, and will be able to interpret “yes” and “no” through their facial expression or body language.

Tacpac is the only thing I know of which will get my daughter relaxed before her physiotherapist comes to visit. We spend special time together each day, enjoying each other’s company because its something we can both understand together. Brenda, mother of Bryony, 17 years old, at home, with complex needs.

Once he got used to it, it helped him so much with doctors’ appointments when they had to examine him. He also really enjoys it at home. We see a different side to him when he’s doing Tacpac. He has a real little personality when he communicates with us during Tacpac. Its done him so much good.” Shauna, mother of Ollie, 5 years old, with Chromosome Disorder causing global development delay, short sighted vision, hypotonia, hypermobile knees and fee , feeding difficulties, silent aspiration and reflux resulting in a Gastro-jejunal feeding tube insertion.


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