Tacpac is a unique product that combines music with touch, to produce a calming effect for those who live with Sensory Processing Disorder, learning disabilities, Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Dementia.

Combining the specially composed music with the use of easily accessible everyday objects to introduce physical touch, Tacpac is a ‘sensory conversation’ between two people, the giver and receiver. A Tacpac session is a thirty-minute focussed session in an environment free from any sensory distractions, and the benefits are far reaching, with increased communication, interaction and concentration.

Tacpac is an Australian National Education Standards Authority (NESA) accredited learning resource.

NESA accreditation is part of the requirements for every New South Wales’ teacher to continue working. ‘Teachers and principals who do not hold active accreditation and do not meet the NESA maintenance requirements cannot continue to be employed to teach in NSW. Accreditation is mandatory at the Graduate and Proficient levels.’ NSW Department of Education

How to claim NESA points with Tacpac

Tacpac offer two levels of training for teachers; Essential and Advanced.

Both levels of training run from 9:00am to 3:30pm and we are pleased to announce that both Essential and Advanced level training carry six hours of NESA accreditation for each day of attendance giving you a potential 12 hours to claim. Moreover, if you book Essential and Advanced together, you will qualify for a special concession from Tacpac.

Essential Training

If your school has purchased a Tacpac pack or packs, and you are part of the team that works with students that benefit from them, you will benefit greatly from the Essential level training. After this one-day course you will;

  • Understand the theory behind Tacpac
  • Internalise and deliver the Tacpac activities effectively
  • Experience sensory overload for yourself
  • Heighten awareness of your own senses (we have more than 5)
  • Discover how to work effectively with touch
  • Meet other professionals, parents and carers
  • Understand our sensory system and the role of touch
  • Understand the essential role of the music in Tacpac

Advanced Training

As the name suggests, the Advanced level training builds on the knowledge and understanding taken from Essential training. Advanced Tacpac training is most suitable for those who completed Essential training and use Tacpac as a part of their everyday teaching.

Areas covered in this one-day course include:

  • Using videos to improve your practice
  • Understanding how music affects people.
  • Development of the brain and the role of sensory experience
  • Discussion on the use and benefits of sensory stories
  • Exploring how attachment issues may be addressed when using Tacpac.

This training enables you to:

  • Develop your understanding of your own sensory responses
  • Develop your powers of observation to enable more effective communication
  • Understand the components of music at a deeper level, enabling you to guide your touch more intuitively
  • Understand the development of the brain and the role of sensory experience
  • Be more familiar with the use of Tacpac objects

To maintain your accreditation through Tacpac Training, you will be issued a code which you can use to add the hours to your NESA account as Teacher Identified Professional Development.

Tacpac Training comes to New South Wales March 2020

We have secured venues in New South Wales in March next year. Schools, City Council venues and rural venues, means you will be sure to find one to suit you:

To register your interest in training and gaining NESA points, please contact Karen Rivers on karen@tacpac.co.uk or call to speak to her for more information and an informal chat on 041 1241 582.

Karen is our NSW based administrator and will ensure you are kept up to date with the latest news of venues and dates.

For further information, please see our Tacpac Australia website page. Hilary is looking forward to meeting you soon and, in the meantime, happy Tacpacking!