6 months of TACPAC and looking forward to the next

Congratulations for using TACPAC for the past 6 months

Here is a recap of the advice and tips we have sent you and what we recommend for the next 6 months

The Golden Rules

  • Each TACPAC session should last about 30 minutes

  • Remember your DO NOT DISTURB  – TACPAC  SESSION sign on the door when you’re setting up your room.

  • Each Set has 6 Activities. We recommend using the same Set for 6 months.

  • You can  use each Set at least once a week, but this is not a hard and fast rule. Avoid using it so often that there is no spontaneity or novelty left.

  • Before trying out the Activity for the first time, please watch the accompanying Activity video in your Set page on the website. This will refresh your memory from the time you’ve done the training.

  • Each piece of music has been specially composed to match the texture of the object so it is important you use the correct  music to match the right activity.

For Teachers – We have information on the Engagement Model

For Parents

For Parents – We have information on tracking your child’s progress

Tacpac App

TACPAC Month 7 to 12

A TACPAC  Set is designed to be used for a minimum of 6 Months for your Receiver. As the Giver you need this amount of time to get used to communicating with your TACPAC partner in a sensory way. You will further develop your sensory vocabulary, deepen the trust, your confidence and sense your way through any challenges you may be encountering. It all takes time, and no one is pressuring you to do more than have a calm, connected and confident communication session. No pressure at all – isn’t that good!

If you have bought a pair of Sets

You will be wondering when to start using the second set. Its never a hard and fast rule when to change sets. Here are some guidelines to help you with this decision:

  • Your partner knows the sequence of the music, the activities and the routine.
  • Your partner knows when their TACPAC session is about to begin, looks forward to it, and can predict what happens next
  • You are comfortable with the pace, shared sensory vocabulary and development of your partner
  • Your outcomes support plan reflects the targets or aims you are wishing to achieve, using TACPAC as a resource to accomplish these targets. (e.g. turn taking, anticipation, relating to you…)

You might wish to

“rest” your partner, and not go straight on to the next set

start the next set gently and slowly, building up to all 6 activities

If you have bought one Set

Although we do recommend you keep using one set for a minimum of 6 months, there is nothing stopping you continuing using that set until you’re both comfortable with your sensory communications, relaxed and having fun. If you feel you’re “there”, it might be time for the next set.  The idea is that the more you both use TACPAC, the better you’ll be both be with sensory communication. The next set is your choice, and you might find your partner being able to settle into this much quicker than their first experience of TACPAC. You might both be quite good at using TACPAC by now, even though the music and the objects will be different. There always needs to be a bit of a challenge, and the change of music and objects will keep everyone alert!

Tacpac training
Live Online Training Tacpac

Getting a better understanding of TACPAC

We have developed a live online course for you to get essential understanding and practical techniques for using TACPAC effectively.

The online course is a simple and convenient way to learn about TACPAC. The online course covers subjects including getting the most from TACPAC, sensory overload, the Limbic System and Deep Pressure.