TACPAC for Parents

Your child’s first language is sensory. TACPAC enables you to communicate in a sensory way, building rapport, understanding and trust.

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TACPAC for the family

TACPAC can be used by anyone in the family. It is easy to set up and requires very little equipment – only a phone or tablet, a quiet space and a few every day objects. It provides a regular, structured half hour which is beneficial to both you and your child. By doing TACPAC regularly, you build up a sensory vocabulary which both you and your child can understand. You can also involve siblings, grandparents and other relatives so that you child develops a rapport with all those around them.

How TACPAC works

Tacpac-for-parentsEach TACPAC activity has music which is specifically composed to reflect the texture of the object which goes with it. This means that your child experiences complete sensory alignment – what they see, is what they hear, is what they feel. Over time, this enables them to develop trust with you as their partner in communication. They can then begin to express themselves by showing what they feel or what they want.

Some of the objects used for TACPAC activities include: a washing up sponge, chopsticks, a pastry brush, a fan, a paint roller and marbles – to name a few. These are all objects which you may already have around your home. There is no need to buy any expensive equipment. The TACPAC app which you can download onto your phone or tablet means that you can play the music tracks easily without needing an internet connection or even a power source. You can also work with your child’s occupational therapist or speech therapist to use TACPAC together or separately for the maximum benefit of the child. To find out more details of what’s included in each TACPAC set and how it works, go to the shop page here.

Parents who have used TACPAC say:

TACPAC is the only thing I know of which will get my daughter relaxed before her physiotherapist comes to visit. We spend special time together each day, enjoying each other’s company because it’s something we can both understand together. Brenda, mother of Bryony, 17 years old, at home, with complex needs.

Once he got used to it, it helped him so much with doctors’ appointments when they had to examine him. He also really enjoys it at home. We see a different side to him when he’s doing Tacpac. He has a real little personality when he communicates with us during TACPAC. It’s done him so much good.” Shauna, mother of Ollie, 5 years old, with Chromosome Disorder causing global development delay, short sighted vision, hypotonia, hypermobile knees and feeding difficulties, silent aspiration and reflux resulting in a Gastro-jejunal feeding tube insertion.

Where do I start?

An ideal starting point would be our Set 1 and 2 . You can take your time to establish a safe, trusting and predictable environment, whereby you and your receiving partner can gently start to establish a sensory communication. Each set should last about 6 months. Do not rush! Stick to the beat!

Each set is accompanied by our helpful videos showing you how to use the objects to do the activities and one for setting up your  room.

Working with Pre school and school

If your pre school, nursery or play group is not already using TACPAC, it would be a good idea to encourage them to run TACPAC sessions as TACPAC can be a very useful resource for your child’s Sensory Curriculum.

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