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Our new website is coming!

We have had our current website and app for ten years and you may have noticed it is starting to creak! In 2023 we have been working hard to get the new one ready.

Estimated date for new website: JANUARY 2024

Launch Date

Why we are updating our website and app

  • Our shop needs updating

    Our shop and your account needs to be much easier to use

  • Our app

    Our app needs to work every time Apple or Android update their systems. To comply with the latest standards we have to update how we do it

  • Our training days

    We want your sets and training to be all in one place and easy to access

  • Multiple licences

    We want to make it much easier to share sets and resources with your colleagues

In January..

What you will need to do to access your sets

Starting out with TACPAC

Enter new password

Using your existing email as your username, enter a new, secure password to login

Please make a note of your email on your account as this is the one we will use when we move over your account

getting everything ready before using TACPAC

Check your account

Please check all your sets are there and active and also your account details

If you have any issues please contact us


Re-download the App

The new app will need to be synced to your account. You will need to download the app and log in again

We will be giving full instructions in a few weeks time

Some hopefully useful information

I can’t remember my username or password2023-11-08T19:45:07+00:00


You won’t need to remember your old password, you just need to enter your email address associated with your TACPAC account and create a new password.



You won’t need to remember your old username, you just need to enter your email address associated with your TACPAC account

I can’t remember the email I used2023-11-08T19:52:35+00:00

The best way is to have a look before we switch over in January!

If it is too late to do this, please contact us giving your full name and organisation (school)

How do I update my app?2023-11-10T11:14:47+00:00

We will give full instructions for both Apple and Android shortly

What login details do I use for the new app2023-11-08T19:56:39+00:00

Once your app has been updated, you will need to login with the same email and new password you have used for the new website.

Your old username/password combination will not work.


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