Aftercloud Journals

We’ve recently discovered this company, and we thought it might be useful and interesting for our TACPAC Community to find out what is happening in Children’s Services right now.

After Cloud is a tech for good business who provide apps in both Adult and Children’s services. The Journals app is utilised across Children’s residential services, as an aide for the Team Around the Child (TAC), key workers and managers to share activity updates and best practice.

The Moments app is utilised in Aged care, hospice and palliative settings to enable users to post to the future using multimedia content.

The Timelines app is utilised across services to enable individuals to create a chronological representation of their life story.

All three apps are also utilised for life enrichment activities and digital memory care in research based environments, as well as assisting as intuitive communication tools for a wider stakeholder community, in secure and private closed group settings.

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