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Start your TACPAC Journey with our comprehensive sets

Since we recommend spending at least 6 months on one set, our sets come in pairs, giving you one year of continuous activity from your annual subscription. You’ll know when your receiver is really using the sensory language and vocabulary you have built up over the months, when your records show that they are at the interactive stage. At that point, you can choose to rest TACPAC for a while, or to go on to the next set.

We recommend you buy the TACPAC sets in pairs

We also now offer sets in pairs to ease the process of obtaining the next set with no time wasted, once you’ve gone through 6 months of one set. A pair of sets are a bit cheaper and includes a voucher for our face-to-face training day, a valuable addition to your TACPAC development. If you still wish to purchase single sets however, there is the option to do this on our shop page

Your online resources

Please note, the TACPAC Resources are downloadable, streamed or accessed via our app. You don’t have to wait for the postman to deliver anything!

Each Set contains

  • 6 videos taking you through each activity
  • Streamed music that has been specifically composed for each activity
  • TACPAC Activity Sheet
  • Record Keeping Guide and Template.
  • Access to the TACPAC Community Forum for all things TACPAC

By downloading our TACPAC APP, you can enjoy offline versions of the composed music for each activity, simply download and login to your account (which you create on purchase of the Set (s))

Developing your TACPAC expertise

Our TACPAC trainings develop your skills as a Sensory Communicator. Once you have had a few sessions where you have introduced your receivers to the beginnings of the TACPAC’s sensory communication, it would be a good time for you to join us on an Essential training day.

At a glance

Help videos for each Activity

Specially composed music

Your Activity Plan

Record Keeping Sheet

Community Access

What’s Included

  • Account access to our Android or Apple App for playing the music on any device, on or offline. Please click here for more details

  • Once downloaded, you can access the music anywhere, anytime, any place

  • Videos resources for each activity accessed via your website account

  • Video guidance to help you set up your room accessed via your website account
  • Downloadable TACPAC Activity Sheet
  • Downloadable Record Keeping guide and template
  • Access to updates, tips and hints

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