Time and Practise with TACPAC

Consolidating what you have learnt from your live online Essentials course and videos within each set through practise is an important part of the TACPAC process.


Once you get started, you’ll learn how you individualise and personalise the work you did on the training, and you’ll put the theory into practise. That’s where the exciting bit starts. You’ll experience yourself as a giver, and you’ll start to discover how you’re communicating with your receiver. You’ll internalise the touch with the music so that it becomes part of who you are. You’ll start to create your own sensory vocabulary, with the likes and dislikes of your partner, and you’ll see how your partner directs you to where and how they’d like the sensory communication to take place.

You’ll be able to take up to 6 months or more to go through one set. You don’t want to rush, you want to give you and your partner the feeling of safety, and time. You’ll know when you have reached “the end” (there never really is an end to communication!) of that set.

TACPAC time and practise
TACPAC time and practise
TACPAC time and practise

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