TACPAC Training

Day 1

Essentials Training

Day 2

Advanced Training

How to receive training

You can attend a scheduled Open training, (see dates below); host an Open training at your own venue, or book a closed training with up to 30 places in your setting for your team.

Our Courses

Our courses are open to all and comprise of a Day 1 Essential and a Day 2 (optional) Advanced.

We have scheduled locations throughout the year but also welcome anyone who wishes to offer their own date and venue. Providing we can get enough interest in that location, we will run it there! You can also host a private (Whole Team) training in your own setting or place of work with your own team members and colleagues. This will appear on our website as Fully Booked. Just let us know that this is what you’d like to do on the enquiry form below for either an Essentials or Advanced training. (Or both).

The course day is both tremendously rewarding and fun as you meet fellow Tackpackers, all with their own stories and experiences to share.

Tacpac Bullet

Day 1 Essential Tacpac Training

Current Scheduled Courses

  • Newcastle 28th November 2019

    Manchester 4th December 2019

    Canterbury, 9th December 2019

    Edinburgh, 7th January 2020 (Whole Team Training – FULLY BOOKED)

    Sudbury,  10th January 2020

    Shrewsbury, 3rd February 2020 (Whole Team Training – FULLY BOOKED)

    London, 5th February 2020

  • You can also offer your own setting for a private (closed) training on the enquiry form below

Day 1 – Essential

Tacpac Bullet

Day 2 Advanced Tacpac Training

  • Newcastle, 29th November 2019
  • Manchester, 5th December 2019
  • Edinburgh, 8th January 2020 (Whole Team Training)
  • London, 6th February 2020

You can offer your own setting for a private (closed) training on the enquiry form below

Day 2 – Advanced