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Day 1 Essential Tacpac Training

Day 1 – Essential
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Day 2 Advanced Tacpac Training

Day 2 – Advanced
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Day 1 Essential Tacpac Training

icon-costFrom £120 icon-clock1 Day icon-locationUK   Location dates Click for locations


This training provides all Tacpackers with the fundamental understanding and skills necessary for the effective delivery of Tacpac. It is essential training both for experienced practitioners and also those who are starting out from scratch. We look at both the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ of Tacpac; combining theory and practice into a fun, interactive and stimulating day of training.

Course content:

  • Our sensory system and the role of touch
  • Understanding the importance of the basic beat
  • experiencing the touch and music in an activity, using objects
  • use of  thematic material
  • how the limbic system affects our senses
  • The central role of music in Tacpac
  • Sensory communication
  • Sensory overload

By the end of the day you will be able to

  • Understand the theory behind Tacpac
  • Learn to internalise and effectively deliver the Tacpac activities
  • Experience ‘sensory overload’ for yourself
  • Heighten awareness of your own senses (we have more than 5)
  • Discover how to work effectively with touch
  • Build skills in multi-sensory interaction (touch–sight–movement–sound)
  • Synchronise your sense of touch with your sense of music
  • Meet other professionals in the field, parents, and carers
  • Receive a Tacpac CPD Certificate in Sensory Alignment.
Pre-requisites for all training days:

Each delegate will  require access to at least one  Tacpac Set

6 Sets


Day  2  Advanced Training Day

icon-costFrom £120 icon-clock1 Day icon-locationUK   Location dates Click for locations

Step-by-Step training day
Day 2 Advanced Training  Day is for settings as well as for proposed and open trainings. This modular training is for Tacpackers who have done the Day 1 Essential Training, and are using Tacpac in their daily work.
Day 2 Advanced Training both improves and boosts your delivery skills.Together we consider the effectiveness of Tacpac in further supporting the receiver’s development in a number of key areas. The morning will consist of an analysis of video footage. This will be  provided by you if the training is in a setting, or by the Trainers if the training is an open one. The videos will be a key element in the training.

 Course Content:

  • Video footage of your practice (in a setting)
  • Feedback from your staff who use Tacpac (in a setting)
  • Discussion with your management ( in a setting)

Modules that can be included and based on your requirements are:

  • Sensory processing
  • Emotional regulation and attachment including the Key Person Approach
  • Music and Rhythm
  • Curriculum record keeping and assessment related to Tacpac
  • Sensory stories.

By the end of this training, you can expect to:

  • Be more aware of your own sensory vocabulary, responses, strengths and weaknesses
  • Develop your powers of observation at a much quicker pace, thus allowing you to adjust and adapt for more effective communication
  • Understand the components of music in Tacpac at a deeper level, enabling you to guide your touch more intuitively.
  • Be familiar with the use of all the objects
  • Be able to keep accurate and meaningful records, related to whichever assessment tool you are currently using. (P scales, B squared, Rarpa, Asdan)
  • Have more confidence when talking to members of staff who have recently become givers.
  • Create your own sensory stories, or use the ones supplied by Tacpac.
  • Receive a Tacpac certificate in Advanced Training in Sensory Alignment

Pre-requisites for Day 2

Each delegate will require access to at least one Tacpac Set and to have attended our Day 1 Essentials Training course.

6 Sets

How to get on a TACPAC training day

You will see TWO types of courses:
Open Day
These are set locations where Tacpac will deliver a full Day Training for individual participants to attend. You will need to fill in the booking form for either Day 1 or Day 2 and we will advise you when the date and venue have been set. If you don’t see a city of your choice, you can propose your own.
Setting Training
You can contact us to deliver an in-house Training at your Setting.  If you only have a small team you may invite parents, carers, OTs and SLTs and benefit from the advantages of hosting a training.

Training Locations 2017

Forthcoming Day 1

Essential Training

Please make sure to reserve your preferred location clicking on the Day 1 booking form. We will confirm date and venue once scheduled.

Day 1 Form

Forthcoming Day 2

Advanced Training

Please make sure to reserve your preferred location clicking on the Day 2 booking form. We will confirm date and venue once scheduled.

If you would like to attend, please use our link below

Day 2 Form

No scheduled or proposed course in your area?

If you can’t get to a Tacpac training day, Tacpac can come to you!
Propose a location and approximate date and if 12 or more people are interested then we will come to you.
We can train a closed group of your colleagues or friends or open it to everyone in your area.

Who can propose a Tacpac Training?

Anyone can propose a training day. You could be a parent, a carer or a professional. If you would like a training close to where you live or work, simply fill in the form to your right. We will set up your proposed day on our calendar so that others can be invited and can go to your proposed event and register interest. As soon as we have a minimum of 12 people, we will make sure this proceeds to a training day. You can track the number of people registering interest, so you know how close you are to having the training. We will fully support anyone proposing a training.

What are the benefits of proposing a Tacpac Training?

You could have a training right in your own town or setting, making access easy. Others in your professional community might want to join in on a training, but don’t know how to go about it. Parents / Carers who are using Tacpac at home are usually unable to travel long distances to find a training. They could join in, thereby boosting numbers. You would get  free place on the training!

Who will help me do this?

We will fully support your efforts at proposing a training in your area, by helping you network with your local education and health services, partnership settings, and other like minded organisations and groups, in order to get a diverse and enthusiastic training group together.

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