Home to School

Welcome to all teachers and pupils who are returning to school after 6 months of Lockdown.

During lockdown Tacpac gave free access to Set 5 for the duration and then offered it at half price from the end of July. If your pupils have been lucky enough to have had Set 5 at home, it might be worthwhile asking parents if they have been doing this with their children. We shared lots of information and videos on Facebook to help parents and home-schoolers use Tacpac and these videos are still available if you would like to see them.

If your pupils did have experience of Set 5, there are various options open to you for your use of Tacpac once school starts again.

1) Your pupil might have really taken to set 5 and might be keen to continue in school. Your pupils will have established ways of communicating with their parent. You’ll need to be observant to spot what your pupil likes, or does not like, or wants to share etc. You might like to talk with the parent, who will be full of information.

2) Your pupil may have had to stop using a set suddenly, when lockdown happened. If you’re able to pick up with that same set, watch out for signs of recognition and memory from what you’ve done before, however little you’d been able to do. Your pupil will remember the music, and some of the sequencing.

3) Your pupil might be out of routine, having been at home for 6 months, and might be unwilling to do much of what you’d expect. Do not force the issue, let time settle things. Make a NOW and NEXT board (Look up Now and Next Board on Google). You don’t have to do an entire Tacpac session, you might choose to only do the activity on track one, or just play the music of that set with no other input. Whatever you do, do it in order. Keep to the order the tracks are in and keep to the objects with the music. Even if we only have 6 more weeks of school before we stop again for half term, your pupils will still benefit from their Tacpac Sessions.

We’re very interested to know how your are getting on and if you have any insight or tips for the wider Tacpac community. Please let us know how you get on by visiting the Tacpac Community page