New Year, Old Routine: The Comfort in Keeping it Consistent

The New Year is a time of change and upheaval. This can prove tricky when your TACPAC receivers rely on routine and repetition! At the very least, your receivers will have had a break from their routines, and possibly their TACPAC sessions. Here are some top TACPAC tips to ease you both into the New Year and the new term.

Take Time to Assess Your Situation

To be as prepared as possible for a new term with your TACPAC receiver, take stock of your situation. The key thing is to keep everything as consistent as possible from the previous term. Has anything changed?

Coming Back from a Break

If you are working with the same receiver as last term, then you have a head start! Try to find out:

  • whether your receiver had any TACPAC sessions over the Christmas holidays with parents or carers.
  • if so, what did they cover?
  • was it a continuation of what they were doing at school in your TACPAC sessions?
  • what were their observations?
  • can you incorporate anything they did at home into your work at school?

Whether or not your receiver had a total break over the holidays, take things slowly when you see each other again. Don’t push them to engage or rush them to slot straight back in to where you were before Christmas. Go at their pace. Don’t take anything for granted! Take time to observe what they remember, and don’t forget to show them that you have noticed.

Managing New TACPAC Relationships

Establishing whether your receiver continued their TACPAC sessions over the holidays is also useful if you have a new receiver. Information from their parents or carers, together with handover notes from their previous TACPAC giver, should provide a picture of how comfortable they are with using TACPAC and give you a good idea of their sensory language, likes and dislikes.

If you or your colleagues are new to TACPAC, or if you need to refresh your memory after the holidays, the TACPAC Essential Training courses are a great way to learn about the importance of the basic beat and sensory alignment. You can also watch the videos accompanying your TACPAC Set on our website.

Get into Good Habits

Whether you are familiar with your TACPAC receiver or starting a brand new TACPAC relationship, consistency is key. This isn’t just keeping your sessions as similar as possible to what your receiver knows and expects, but also means getting into good habits to ensure that all your TACPAC sessions have the same fundamental elements:

Share your story!

What has been your experience of restarting – or starting – TACPAC sessions in the new term? Do you have any tips or tricks that you think might help?

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