Tacpac being used in TanzaniaThe Impact of Tacpac in Tanzania

Tacpac was recently contacted by Hannah on our Tacpac Facebook page. She got in touch to tell us about the wonderful work that she is involved with in two orphanages in Tanzania and how Tacpac helps the children there who have often experienced great trauma in their lives.

Hannah’s Story:

“I just wanted to send a message to share with you our story about a how your Tacpac activities have brightened up the lives of a number of children in Tanzania. I have supported two orphanages in Tanzania now for five years now and spend much of my time volunteering at the orphanages. It was here that I first found out about Tacpac when a volunteer teacher brought out a few packs. It was a hit instantly with the children and I was just amazed to see the children interacting and trusting the staff in a way I had never seen before! Some of these children have endured the unimaginable; they have been abused tortured and often hidden away. Tacpac has helped them to begin to trust again, to experience the world in a way they had never had the chance to before and for that we are so, so grateful. I have been able to teach a number of Tanzanian mamas and volunteers how to use Tacpac with the children and it has now become a regular part of their routine. I really wanted to share with you some of the photos and videos I have taken over the years and you will see for yourself just how much the children and staff love it.”

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Children in Tanzania experiencing Tacpac