TACPAC ObjectsTACPAC Objects – Where to find them

In this series we tell you all about the TACPAC objects – where you can find them and how to use them.  TACPAC objects are all every day items, some of which you may already have in your home, school or place of work.  Each object is combined with a specific movement or touch that relates to the music for that activity, so it is important to get this right and keep it consistent.

The Little Dish Mop for TACPAC Set 1

We have sometimes been asked where to find the little dish mop which is used in TACPAC Set 1 for activity number three.  It seems that this little item can sometimes be hard to find.

Tacpac Set 1, dish mopWhere to Find it

If you are having difficulty sourcing the little mop, try clicking here. From this supplier it costs only 84 pence, which means that you can order it for the whole of your TACPAC group. You can then add your little mop to a bag or box for each TACPAC receiver in the group, putting all the objects for Set 1 (or any of the TACPAC sets) into each receiver’s bag or box.  That way, each receiver always has the same objects and they are always there; ready to use for the next TACPAC session. It’s wonderful to know that all your objects are right there, ready to go for each session.


How to use this TACPAC object

The action for the little mop is flicking, so avoid the face, eyes and cheeks.  This is a light touch, which awakens interest and attention in your receiver. Use your own sense of communication and knowledge of body language to understand how and where your receiver likes this touch and where they might appreciate more. They might move to one side or show you the relevant body part, like an arm or their back. As you can see in the picture, eye contact is maintained between the giver and receiver throughout the activity and this is good both for communication and for developing a rapport between you and your partner.

Your receiver might like to have a little dish mop to hold or play with while you’re doing this activity with them.

More information on TACPAC objects or sets

For more information on TACPAC Set 1 and on the little dish mop, or to ask any questions, contact us here.

If you would like to purchase a subscription to TACPAC Set 1, have a look at our shop page.

Tacpac Set 1 Dish Mop