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Tacpac for Sensory Communication

Tacpac is a sensory communication resource using touch and music to align the senses and develop communication skills. It helps anyone who has any kind of sensory impairment or communication difficulties. It can also help those who have tactile defensiveness, profound and multiple learning difficulties, autism, down syndrome and dementia. Tacpac stands for Touch and Communication Pac.  It uses specially composed music that matches the texture of the object for each activity so that those who are receiving Tacpac have an aligned experience and over time they can use this to help them communicate. To find out more, have a look at our What is Tacpac page.

Tacpac Set 5 Sensory Communication

Tacpac Subscriptions

Tacpac comes in the form of a subscription which is accessed both on the website and also on the app for phones and tablets. The resources include the full music tracks, instruction videos for each activity and downloadable/printable record keeping sheets and instruction sheets.  The app enables you to play the full music tracks without an internet connection which means that you can take Tacpac anywhere. You can even have a Tacpac session outside! To find out more or to purchase a Tacpac subscription, go to our shop page here.

Tacpac Training

Tacpac is currently on tour in New Zealand and Australia where we are delivering our Essentials Training and Advanced Training. You can follow Hilary’s journey on our Facebook page. Tacpac training helps you develop your sensory communication skills. It teaches you all the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’ of Tacpac, including an in-depth look at the limbic system. Going on a Tacpac training will give you hands-on practice and a chance to ask questions as well as meet other Tacpackers. To find out more about training or contact our training manager, have a look at our training page here.